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Robotic Hexapod!

Posted in Robotics, Things with tags , , , on April 26, 2012 by Spark

For the next four months most of my time will be going into the rideable hexapod robot class at Artisan’s Asylum.  We’ll be working to build a 1-2 ton hydraulic rideable 6-legged robot with a 12 foot legspan.

There are so many awesome things to do and to learn on this project that I had a tough time figuring out which part I wanted to work on.  I started off on the mechanical team welding together a cart for the test leg, but switched this week to the controls team.  I’ll be writing the PID controller for the joints.  I’m sure I’ll have more chances later on to get my metalworking fix in, and I’m really hoping to have a chance to work with hydraulics at some point.

You can follow our progress over at the Project Hexapod blog!


The definition of badass

I've always wanted to build this thing


When I first saw this photo I was disappointed that it was just a sculpture, because I really wanted to think that something like that was walking around the earth somewhere.  Now I’m building something even more badass, and I’ll get to ride it!


Hammock Part 2

Posted in Things with tags , on April 26, 2012 by Spark

The hammock is finished!  I ended up weaving it myself.  I made a shuttle out of scrap masonite to hold the bulk of the rope while I wove it through the loops.  I’m glad I decided to make the net myself rather than buying one.  The process was relaxing and meditative, and the result is much more satisfying.  It took about ten hours to weave the whole net.

I attached the net by spiraling rope through the loops at each edge and around the 4×4 at the top of the hammock structure.

Finished hammock


The final product is comfy and has more than enough room for five people.  I’d like to put some pipe insulation or cut up pool noodles on the inside corner of the 4×4 at the top to make it a nice place to rest your head, but other than that it’s complete!

Take a look at the full album here.