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Hammock Part 2

Posted in Things with tags , on April 26, 2012 by Spark

The hammock is finished!  I ended up weaving it myself.  I made a shuttle out of scrap masonite to hold the bulk of the rope while I wove it through the loops.  I’m glad I decided to make the net myself rather than buying one.  The process was relaxing and meditative, and the result is much more satisfying.  It took about ten hours to weave the whole net.

I attached the net by spiraling rope through the loops at each edge and around the 4×4 at the top of the hammock structure.

Finished hammock


The final product is comfy and has more than enough room for five people.  I’d like to put some pipe insulation or cut up pool noodles on the inside corner of the 4×4 at the top to make it a nice place to rest your head, but other than that it’s complete!

Take a look at the full album here.


Hammock Part 1

Posted in Things with tags , on March 7, 2012 by Spark

Mom and Dad came up last Saturday to help me put together the hammock structure for my space.  I’ve had the plans for this thing since October, so it was great to finally buckle down and get it done.  Thanks to Leah and Andrew Kessel for stopping by to lend a hand!



The hammock will be a rectangular grid that fits across the top.  I’m waiting on some samples from cargo net suppliers, but there’s a good chance I’ll end up making it by hand with knotted rope.  Cargo nets are expensive!

Check out photos of the hammock structure construction here.